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Composer, Bassist, Arranger. These are the terms that have come to guide Alan “Speedy” Peralta in his journey to sharing his passion for music. Peralta began studying music at the age of eight, and, coming from a musical family, Speedy quickly realized that music would be his career after he started playing bass. He went on to study at Berklee College of music with a dual major in Contemporary Writing & Production and Performance, focusing on Jazz and Pop music. During his time at Berklee, Speedy seized every opportunity he could in order to maximize his musical toolkit and craft. This led to him playing for artists like Tia Ray, Nana Ouyang, Insaneintherain, and Dasloe. After serving as a Music Director with a church in Boston and on tours in South Korea and Kenya, Speedy moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his performing career all the while sharing his love of music through teaching. Speedy believes in infusing professionalism into music withouts acrificing enjoyment, and that with respect, love, and a lot of fun, musical growth and artistic awareness become byproducts of loving music. As a performer and teacher, Speedy has followed God’s plan into sharing his knowledge and passion for music to young and hungry artists determined to share their musical expression. With a strong belief that all styles of music are intrinsically valuable, Speedy loves to teach through his students’ favorite material; be it Metal, Jazz, Pop, or whatever might come to mind, Speedy builds his students’ curriculum infusing their favorite songs with his intensive repertoire. Above all, Speedy hopes his students’ have fun during his lessons and walk away with a smile, excited to go home and practice!

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