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Welcome aspiring singers! Are you ready to take your vocal abilities to the next level and unleash your inner performer? Look no further than Craft Music Portland's team of Vocal Coaches in Portland. Our instructors are not just voice teachers, but professional singers with real-world experience and a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

Our team of singers has had comprehensive training in all genres of music, from classical to contemporary and everything in between. They understand the intricacies of the voice and are dedicated to helping you find and develop your unique sound. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced singer looking to fine-tune your skills, our teachers will create a personalized lesson plan to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals.

But it's not just about technique, our teachers will also guide you in connecting with the emotional and expressive side of singing, allowing you to convey the story and feeling behind the song.

So what are you waiting for? Join us and discover the full potential of your voice. Our teachers have performed on stages around the world, and they can help you do the same. Let's work together to make your dreams of singing professionally a reality. 

By reading our teachers' bios, you can learn more about their background, training, and accomplishments. And once you've found the perfect teacher for you, don't hesitate to book your lessons today.

Anna D.

Anna D - Voice Teacher in Portland

Meet Anna, a professional vocalist, songwriter, and producer from San Francisco. Anna holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance from the prestigious Popular Music Program at USC, where she studied under renowned instructors. With over 7 years of teaching experience, she brings a unique and holistic approach to her vocal instruction, tailor-making it to each student's individual goals and aspirations. Her extensive background in singing, songwriting and performing, coupled with her passion for vocal technique and performance, allows her to provide versatile and personalized instruction to students of all levels and genres.

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Meet Mindy , a highly accomplished voice teacher with extensive experience in teaching, performing and studying. She is a mezzo-soprano, performs across the country, and can teach singing in a variety of styles including pop, musical theatre, and classical. Mindy's performance credits include her international solo debut in 2015, performing John Rutter's Magnificat and Handel's Messiah in Tokyo and Osaka, and her debut season with Bach Collegium San Diego, among many others. With her diverse performance experience and passion for teaching, Mindy is an exceptional voice teacher who will guide students to reach their full potential.

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Meet Chloe, an experienced and passionate music teacher with over 10 years of experience. She teaches songwriting, voice, and guitar and has proficient skills in multiple areas including live performance, collaboration, and production. Chloe is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals, by working on their individual strengths and weaknesses and coaching them through roadblocks. Her goal is to make learning music fun and enjoyable while focusing on the human aspect of music, using songs as a tool for authentic expression and interpersonal connection. She is a multifaceted songwriter and freelance musician with a wide variety of professional experience.

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Meet Rachel, a dynamic and experienced teaching artist who takes great pleasure in her students’ progress and success. With over 10 years of experience in performance, teaching and training, Rachel adapts to the needs of her students and emphasizes both professional conduct and creative joy. She is comfortable working with all ages, and uses her knowledge to customize learning and the creative process for each individual student. Rachel is a versatile singer and performer, who can sing in a variety of styles from rock and pop to classical and teaches Piano, Voice, and Guitar. She also has experience as an award-winning composer, and producer of a weekly concert series during the pandemic. Her goal is to empower her students and make learning an instrument a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Claire is a highly skilled and experienced musician who has dedicated her life to the study and teaching of music. Classically trained in piano from a young age, she has developed a deep passion for music through her work as a performer, teacher, and composer. With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Claire has honed her skills in a wide range of musical styles, including rock, pop, and classical. She is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, and has been teaching piano, guitar, and violin to students of all ages, focusing on technique, ear training, theory, and repertoire. She is dedicated to sharing her love of music with her students, helping them to play the music they love, and encouraging creativity through improvisation and composition.

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Jeffrey voice teacher

Jeff Ensign is a accomplished musician, music educator and researcher, with a background in both performance and academia. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Northern Iowa, where he played tuba. After serving as a band director in Boyd, Texas, he went on to earn his Masters and PhD in Music Education from the University of North Texas. While in graduate school, he taught a wide range of instruments and completed his dissertation "Form in Popular Song, 1990-2009". He recently moved to West Hollywood to pursue his dream of working in the music industry.

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Emily voice, singing teacher

Emily Kocontes is a vocalist, songwriter, and keyboardist. She is experienced in teaching piano, voice and songwriting. She recently graduated from the USC Popular Music Program with an Emphasis in Songwriting, and has experience as a session vocalist and songwriter, her song "Hideaway" was recently released by the artist Grace VanderWaal and featured in the Paramount film "Wonder Park." She has experience working with students of all ages and is passionate about teaching and sharing her love of music.

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Lindsay is an experienced musician with a BA from Berklee College of Music and over a decade of experience playing, performing, and teaching. She draws from her experience as a songwriter, performer, and composer, with a strong foundation in classical technique and years of studying jazz piano. In her teen years, she started exploring writing her own songs and found her voice through songwriting. Today, Lindsay plays in a solo folk project and has released multiple albums, she also toured in the US and abroad. Her influences are diverse and as a teacher, she is dedicated to finding music that each student loves and connects with to make learning an interesting and enjoyable experience.

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We have expert teachers who teach in all styles of music; experts in Jazz, Classical, Pop, and more.

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